Forest Fridays - quick ideas for learning outdoors

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-Decorating stones seems very fashionable on facebook at the moment.  Use these stones to make learning fun too!  Paint on phonics, the alphabet or numbers and hide them in your garden, house or park.  Create a game where your children need to find them and return them to you.  You can ask the numbers and alphabet to be put in order as they return them! 

-Take a strip of card and run double sided sticky tape along it.  When you get to the woods, remove the top layer from the double sided sticky tape.  How many different coloured objects can you child find to stick on to the piece of card?  Or even make a picture on the card with what you find.  Can you make a face?  Or a nocturnal animal?    

- Did you know that the Elder tree doesn't just have delicious smelling flowers in May / June, the branches are also really useful.  The centre of the branches is foamy, meaning that you can snip a bit off (use secateurs and gloves on any hand that isn't holding the tool.  Cutting the diameter of a 5 pence piece is perfect) and push a biro cartridge through, making a pen.  Then decorate the outside!  Getting your child to write with it is even easier!  


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