Children's books: Suggestions for 9+ From an 11yr old

iPads and other devices are becoming increasingly more of a draw for children than books. They provide instant gratification and are addictive. However there is no question that the amount a child reads heavily impacts their achievements academically and also provides them with a wider vocabulary, positive mental health and a broader outlook on life. Getting your child to read out of their comfort zone can be a challenge in itself! See below for suggestions from an 11 year old boy.

Book Recommendations for 9 +

The Jamie Drake Equation - Christopher Edge

Jamie's dad is the famous astronaut, Dan Drake.  He is about to go on a ground breaking mission to d

Jamie's Dad is the famous astronaut, Dan Drake.  He is about to go on a ground breaking mission to discover alien life.  Once departed, Jamie gets an alien signal on his phone and mysterious things begin to happen!  An astronomically funny story for anyone to enjoy.  I couldn't put this book down.  I would recommend it for anyone aged 8 - 12.

The City of Guardian Stones - Jacob Sager Weinstein

After a week of magic, mystery and stopping evil, Hyacinth is in need of a rest.  However, something sinister is afoot......  An amazing story filled with magic and laughter.  I would give it 5 stars and recommend it to anyone aged 9- 13.

Holes - Louis Sachar

Stanley is a very unlucky boy.  He always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  So when a pair of shoes falls out of the sky, Stanley ends up in Camp Green Lake (a correction centre for naughty boys).  However, there is more to the place than first meets the eye.  A story about friendship, keeping promises and survival.  I would recommend it to anyone aged 10+

Uncle Shawn and Bill - A.L Kennedy

An amazing storey with wit galore!  I laughed a lot.  It is light hearted and an easy enjoyable read for anyone aged 9+.

Only you can save mankind - Terry Pratchett

I know that this book gets raving reviews else where, but I found this book a little dull.  I didn't get into it at all.  Sorry Terry! I know you are fab! 

Currently reading.....Timmy Failure: It's the end when I say it's the end - Stephan Pastis

I will let you know when I am done. 

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