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I am a deputy head teacher, forest school trained leader and parent to two energetic boys (aged 11 and 6).Parenting is not easy, but my aim is to share ideas on how to engage and inspire our children to see that learning and education is not just what is written on paper or carried out in a classroom, but is out there to be experienced. 


First and foremost I am a mum. I love being a parent, even though it’s tough! My aim in life is to create two well rounded, happy boys who  know that if they put their mind to it, they can achieve their dreams. 


After working for social services mental health team for several years I retrained as a secondary school science teacher. Since then I have worked in both secondary schools,  primary schools and now hold a post as a deputy head teacher.  My understanding of mental health and how children learn has accumulated in a wealth of ideas and approaches that are simple and fun to do. 


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